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St Christopher's Governing Body

'Dear Parents and Carers,

I have been  Chair of the Governing Body of St Christopher's school for nearly three years. My background is in educational leadership and school improvement. A governing body has four important duties:

  • to work with the headteacher to promote and maintain high standards of education
  • work with all stakeholders to set a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school
  • hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and for the performance management of staff
  • ensure the financial performance of the school and its effective use of resources. 

Since joining the governing body I have been continually impressed with the motivation, high standards and commitment of the staff. The school has four core values that are embedded in school life: Faith, Friendship, Kindness & Courage. These values are lived out by all of the school community. St Christopher does not only deliver a high standard of education, and an inspiring and ambitious curriculum but also develops the whole child to be a happy and successful individual, ready for the next stage of their education. If you are considering St Christopher's RC Nursery & Primary for your child please contact the school office for a visit or information. If you have any questions regarding the governing body please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I look forward to meeting you at future events.'


Terry Gould
Chair of Governors  


Governor Profiles

Terry Gould (White British): 
Chair of Governors  (No Pecuniary Interests)

My name is Terry Gould I have worked in education for the majority of my working life. I started as a teacher at St Aiden's Catholic Primary School in Manchester, later going on as an early years advisor in Salford and then in Manchester. Alongside this, I also worked as an Ofsted inspector for a significant period. I currently work as an independent consultant across the northwest of England in a range of early years and primary provisions. I have written ten books on early years provision, including two on outdoor learning. I have recently become a member of, "The all-party parliamentary group on a fit and healthy childhood." 

Gemma Graham-Betts (White British): Vice Chair Foundation Governor (No Pecunery Interests)

Hello, my name is Gemma Graham-Betts and I am a Foundation Governor. Both my children attend St Christopher's RC Primary. I have a Local Authority background having worked in finance. My area of expertise is creating school/parish links, finance and resources. 

Lizzie lane (White British): Local Authority Governor (No Pecuniary Interests)

Nominated by the Local Authority

Hello, my name is Lizzie Lane  and I am the Local Authority Governor. I am a Primary School teacher working in the EYFS department. My specialist area is art & design and design technology. My two children attend St Christopher's RC Primary school. 

Helen Hall (White British): Parent Governor (No pecuniary interests) 

Hello my name is Helen Hall and I am the elected parent governor. I work in an IT department as a computer programmer. My specialist areas are IT and English. My two children attend St Christopher's RC Primary School. I chair the Pupil Support Committee that deals with all aspects of safeguarding. I primarily look after on-line safety for children. I am also the governor in charge of SEND in school. 

Kellyann Winston (White British): Parent Governor (No Pecuniary Interests)

Hello, my name is Kellyann Winston I am the elected Parent Governor. I work for Tameside Local Authority as Team Manager for Early Years and Portage, within the Early Help Service.  My background is in  Early Years, early intervention and safeguarding. I serve on the Pupil Support Committee. All three of my children attend St Christopher's RC Primary School.  

David Green (White British):  Foundation Governor (No Pecuniary Interests)

Hello, my name is David Green and I am an area manager for a Bank. I oversee the Leadership and Management of the school and I am the chair of the Staffing and Finance Committee. I have a great deal to do with the monitoring of finances at the school. My two daughters have both attended St Christopher’s, with one recently becoming a primary school teacher. 

Clare Barber (White British): Foundation Governor (No Pecuniary Interests)

Hello, my name is Clare Barber. I work within Education specialising in Human Resources, safeguarding and well being. I am a Mental Health First Aid instructor and sit on the Manchester FA Safeguarding Strategy Group. I also am an experienced seafeguading trainer delivering training across the Local Authority and in many education settings. I have two children, one of which is currently at St Christopher's. I  serve on the Pupil Support Committee which deals with all aspects of safeguarding. 

Emma Matthews (White British):  Foundation Governor (No Pecuniary Interests)

Hello, my name is Emma Matthews and I work as a Secondary Science teacher. One of my daugters is presently at St Christopher's RC Primary and my other two daughers attended the school. My specialist areas are science and mathematics.   

Antony Van Weedenberg (White British):  Foundation Governor (No Pecuniary Interests) 

Hello, my name is Antony Van Weedenberg and I work as a driving instructor. Both my sons attend St Christopher's school. I am currently serving on the Health and Safety Committee. 

Lucy Mulhall (White British): Staff Governor (No Pecuniary Interests)
Hello, my name is Lucy Mulhall and I am the Deputy Headteacher and Religious Education Leader at St Christopher’s RC Primary. I oversee Teaching and Learning throughout the school and I work with Mr Noone and the governors to ensure that St Christopher’s RC Primary provides the best education for every child, every day. I teach in KS2.

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