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Please read the following to see how PSHE is embedded in our curriculum and school life. 


Please click to see a Summary Explanation of St Christopher's RSHE Curriculum 

The school delivers the RSHE programme through a resource called "Life to the Full" by a company called, Ten: Ten. This resource covers the whole scheme of work for RSHE and ensures sequence and progression throughout the school. 

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S.U.M.O. 4 Schools

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.The school uses SUMO4Schools as part of its innovative PSHE programme to equip children with the aspirational life skills necessary for achieving a successful future. Based on the bestselling book SUMO, Stop, Understand, Move on – the straight talking guide to enjoying a brilliant life by Paul McGee. The phrase Stop, Understand, Move On has been developed specifically for use in schools. It is a phrase that children at St Christopher’s use all the time.


Stop Understand, Move On and SUMO means

  • To stop what you are doing
  • Take time to reflect
  • Let go of baggage and beliefs that hinder your potential

Move On means

  • Tomorrow can be different from today
  • Look for new possibilities
  • Don’t just think about it take action

There are six SUMO Principles

  • Change your T-shirt encourages children to take responsibility for their choices.
  • Fruity Thinking explores how our thinking affects our potential to achieve
  • Hippo Time is OK helps children understand how setbacks affect them and how to recover from them.
  • Remember the Beachball focuses on relationships and helps the children to understand other people’s points of view, beliefs and cultures.
  • Learn Latin introduces the idea that change comes through action.
  • Ditch the Dorris Day challenges children to set aspirational goals.

Catholic Social Teaching (CARITAS)

Please click here for an explanation of CST


The school uses STOP (Start telling other people) to teach the children about bullying. The children are constantly reminded about this action every week in assembly. 


Please click to watch our 5 tips for internet safety

(Be Safe; Don't Meet Up; Don't accept people into groups; Reliable information & Tell someone immediately). The children are reminded each week about internet safety and each half term there is a special assembly on the internet and another aspect of safeguarding.