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"Aspire not to have more but to be more." Oscar Romero"Peace begins with a smile." Mother Teresa"For it is in giving that we receive." St Francis of Assisi"We are called to make the earth a beautiful garden." Pope Francis"Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." Mother Teresa"I have come so that they can have life and have it to the full." John 10:10"Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life." John 146

Year 6

Year 6 Home Schooling: Week Beginning 1st March 2021                                        Oak academy:

Please read for at least 20 minutes each day.      Timestables Rockstars for 20 minutes each day.     Handwriting and Spellings for 20 minutes each day.

Spelling Rule Handwriting Sheet - 'tial' words

Year 5/6 Spellings Handwriting Sheet

English Maths Other

Writing - Inference, prediction and vocabulary

Open the Powerpoint and work through the slides


Maths Revision





Art – Use images of the Blitz and searchlight landscape pictures to gain ideas for your landscape. You could also research what the Manchester landscape looked like in the 1940s for more inspiration.


Draw rectangle boxes in your books and practise drawing various shaped buildings/landmarks e.g. church, house, bridge etc.


Which of your landscapes do you like most and why? Which building/landmark did they like best and why?

Year 5 Live Lenten Liturgy at 2:30pm



Writing - Planning a diary entry 

Open the Powerpoint and work through the slides (now updated after today's lesson) 

Look back at the Powerpoint from yesterday and make a list of prepositional phrases (e.g. through the keyhole) and noun phrases (e.g. big man with the red face) 

Draw the planning table in your book (or print if you are able) and complete each of the columns using the text and example diary entry to help you. 

Start to think about which Sentence Structures you could use in your diary entry



Maths Revision


Pack 3 - Set B Paper 2: Reasoning 





SPAG – CGP Grammar book pages 52 & 53 – Prefixes

R.E. – In communion with Jesus – Read the information and answer the questions in your books.

Using the example template to help you, design a stained-glass window which expresses in either pictures or symbols, that ‘though we are many, we are one body’, or ‘all joined to each other as different parts of one body’ and are one with Jesus. Write a commentary on your design giving reasons for your choices.




Writing - Writing a diary entry 

Use your planning sheet and the example to write your diary entry, making sure you include a range of Sentence Structures and punctuation 



Pack 3 - Set B Paper 3: Reasoning 



SPAG – CGP Grammar book pages 54 & 55 – Suffixes


History - Enquiry question – How serious was the risk of invasion by Nazi Germany in June 1940?

Colour in the map to show Allies, Axis Powers, and Axis-controlled or neutral countries.

Look at Resources 1-8 (including maps, transcripts for videos, letter written by Adolf Hitler etc). Highlight anything you consider significant/make notes.

Watch the videos then read the transcripts. Highlight anything you feel significant.

Using the evidence you have seen, answer the questions in Resource 9.

 How serious was the risk? Write a paragraph to explain (using the information sheet to support you if needed).



World Book Day

Writing – Open the Powerpoint. Watch the video by our author of the day - Katherine Rundell:

Use your imagination to visualise walking through the streets of Paris. Watch the video on Youtube for inspiration:

Complete the table using your senses. Write a postcard home. 



World Book Day

Read the extract from 'Skysteppers'

Imagine you are flying over the city of Paris and are taking a picture of it. Draw the photograph you take in the camera.

Masked Reader


World Book Day 

If you were to go on an exciting and wild adventure, where would you go? Think of a title and design a book cover.

Decorate your croissants using icing pens/smarties/sprinkles etc.

Catchphrase Quiz 

Masked reader reveal

Print the Reading Star sheet (or visit and tick a star each time you complete a reading task . Have fun reaching all your stars - please take a photo of you completing one of the tasks and send it to me! 




Comprehension - Short Burst Skills - Fiction 

10:30a,m. - Live World Book Day Event -

Pack 3 Arithmetic Set B



P.E – Choose at least three of the workouts on Netflex (You will have to view as a slideshow to be able to select your choices). 

Music – Charanga Yumu - 

Complete Lesson 2




Mr Ian Noone - Headteacher

St Christopher's Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside OL6 9DP

0161 330 5880