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Year 4

Year 4 Home Schooling: Week Beginning: 22.02.2021                 Reading everyday           Spellings for the week  


English Maths Other



SPAG – CGP KS2 English SPAG book page 16-17

English –  

Use the words on the worksheet to create sentences linked to the circus.

Handwriting –

CGP Year 4 English, Handwriting  2 pages per day



Short division


Target 4 page 52

Section A 1-20

Section B 1-20 including WP



Section C 1-20 including WP



Geography –

Recap your learning from last week’s lesson on the United Kingdom.

Discuss and name as many cities in Europe as you can. What countries are they in?

Complete both of the compass labeling worksheet.
Use the compass worksheet and google maps (see link below) to describe where each city (below) is in England using the compass e.g – Liverpool = North England or North West England







Then, create a true or false quiz using the compass positions.


Challenge – Can you use an 8 point compass to describe the position of the cities above?






SPAG – CGP KS2 English SPAG book page 22-23

English – Edit and improve Miss Hulme’s setting description using the worksheet. Look for things that need to be changed and edited and then see how you can improve it by adding adjectives, adverbs, similes, and metaphors. Once edited. Rewrite your version into your book.

Handwriting –

CGP Year 4 English, Handwriting 2 pages per day



Short multiplication


Target 4 page 49


Group 1&2

Section A 1-15


Group 1 & 2

Section B 1-8



Section B 17-20




Class worship


RE activity –

Read the worksheet attached and answer the questions.

Use this worksheet to help you.




SPAG - CGP KS2 English SPAG book page 24-25

English –

Use the worksheet to plan your own setting description for outside the circus tent and inside the circus tent. Use the expanded noun phrases you collected last week (Tuesday 23rd Feb) to help you.

Use my version to also help you with sentence ideas, description and

Handwriting –

CGP Year 4 English, Handwriting 2 pages per day


Inverse addition & subtraction


Wed maths group 1 & 2.pdfWorksheet 1


Target 4 page

Page 30 A & B & C





Look at the picture attached and the people shown in the picture. This is called a ‘stickman’, a technique used by Lowry to depict a person in his paintings. What do you notice? What detail is there? What is LS Lowry trying to show us?

Watch this video to help you

Practise sketching your own stickman in your book. Can you make them similar to Lowry’s? Once you have done this, have a go at practising different sizes.





World Book Day



 World Book Day




English –

First, look at the WAGOLL. What devices have been used? What parts do you like? What could you magpie?

Write your setting description of inside and outside the tent. Use your plan, the vocabulary from Monday and the WAGOLL to help you.

Handwriting –

CGP Year 4 English, Handrwriting 2 pages per day


Spelling test

Target 4 page

Page 31 A & B & C

Times table rockstars 



PE –

Complete the workout below



Music –

Use the document to log in to


Select ‘assignments’, then ‘COVID spring Y4 wk 3’

This will come up with a video for the children to join in with.


Mr Ian Noone - Headteacher

St Christopher's Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside OL6 9DP

0161 330 5880