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Year 3

Year  3 Home Schooling: Week Beginning Monday 1st March 2020                  Reading and timetables rock stars 20 minutes daily. 



English Maths Other




Pages 12-21

We are going to make a leaflet about whales-

What heading could we have?

Feeding- what they eat? How they eat? When they eat?

What other headings?

Research and make notes.




Group A – Target book page 108  section A


Group B- Target book page 112 section A





R.E. –

learning focus 4

All these gifts represent the giving of ourselves to God and one another. Use this phrase and build descriptions around it to show ways in which we live this out in our daily lives. E.g. giving time to others etc.

Independent handwriting CGP page 119





Share research –

Model writing first paragraph together- how do whales eat?


Write up leaflet






Group A – Target book page 110 section B


Group B- Target book page 110 section A

Look at Ten Ten assembly as a class


Art -

Using drawing techniques – add texture.

Using Henri Matisse’s style draw one of his ‘cut out’ pictures.

Ensure detail with block colouring and shapes.- can you use different materials?

Create depth by adding texture with different drawing techniques

Repeat shapes for patterns.


Independent handwriting CGP page 20







Use the table to create a time line of the whales year showing where the North Pole Whales are and what they are doing.


Group A – Target book page 105 section B


Group B- Target book page 105   section A



Science- complete is it magnetic sheet – can you design a poster about magnets- explain what they are and how they are used.




WORLD BOOK DAY ACTIVITES – read story with the class – all on for 9AM (ZOOM LINKS)

WBD Bingo.

Write a book review!


Using a net template make a 3D shape- make a book




 WORLD BOOK DAY ACTIVITES- – design and make a hat to represent your book











 Comprehension book 2 page 4 and 5





10 minute weekly workouts – autumn 1 and 2 pages 6-7

X table test

Music –

click on assignments, click on COVID spring 2.

Passwords are the same as last time.

PE- enjoy a lovely walk :) 

See you soon!



Mr Ian Noone - Headteacher

St Christopher's Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside OL6 9DP

0161 330 5880