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Mathematics Curriculum (Curriculum Designer: Kim Mcgovern)

At St Christopher’s our vision is for children to be able to use mathematics in their everyday lives. It is our aim that every child reaches their potential in maths. We help children to develop a positive attitude towards maths and their ability to work independently and with confidence.

Problem solving, fluency and relational understanding are at the scheme's heart. Previous learning and essential knowledge is practised by the children every week. Our Mastery curriculum has been developed so that Mastery of maths embeds a deeper understanding by utilising concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to learning. This ensures that children understand what they are learning.

We have also devised a calculation policy that teachers follow rigidly to ensure consistency and progression across the school. We have also devised a fraction, decimal and percentage policy to ensure consistency and progression in teaching this area.
All year groups have a non-negotiables list for all mathematical number areas so that teachers know where the endpoint is for their teaching and what each child should know.

In Nursery we use Development Matters, in EYFS and Year 1 we use "White Rose Maths." From Year 2 to Year 6 the mathematics leader has written bespoke plans for the Year groups. 

Children are assessed each week for mental maths and tables. Tables are taught using, “Times Table Rock Stars.” The children are also assessed half-termly in special assessment tests in arithmetic and tables.


Key features of our maths curriculum are:

  • High expectations for every child.
  • Fluency in mathematical calculation.
  • Resources to support.
  • Focus on mathematical thinking and language.
  • Using and applying arithmetic skills and reasoning skills to solve problems.
  • Broadening a deeper understanding of how mathematics can be used in the broader world by incorporating it into other subject areas.