St Christopher’s Nursery and Primary RC School

St Christopher's Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire OL6 9DP

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Our Vision: A happy family that learns to put others first and cares for all.Our Vision: Children are motivated, resilient and challenged.Our Vision: Opportunities to discover the god given talents they have. Our Vision: A school that delivers an exciting and balanced curriculum.Our Vision: Everybody works as a team and are not scared to fail.Our Vision: Children know their strengths and development points through effective feedback.Our Vision: A school that delivers an exciting and balanced curriculum. Our Vision: Opportunities to discover the God given talents they have.Our vision: Opportunities to discover the god given talents they have. Our Vision: Children aren’t scared to fail and achieve the highest standards through hard work.Our Vision: A faith that teaches the children to aspire to be more, not to have more.

SEN Local Offer


We aim to be a school:

Where children and adults aspire to be more, not to have more.

Where children are motivated in lessons, know how to learn and achieve the highest standards. 

That delivers an exciting and balanced curriculum.

Where teachers, adults and children are constantly learning and working hard.

Where everyone works as a team and has very high expectations. 

That is a happy family and cares for all.


Teaching and Learning:

All classes are taught by a qualified teacher and teaching assistant support is allocated according to need. Each teacher plans differentiated activity outcomes for all learners. We plan activities to promote independent learning and use resources to promote independence, which in turn leads to higher self-esteem and more confident learners. 

Teaching and support staff are trained in different areas of expertise and this expertise is used according to the needs of the children. For example, we run intervention groups for phonics, reading, writing and maths, which are led by different members of staff. We also run 1:1 spelling programs, boosters, behaviour support and relaxation groups, motor skills and language groups. The groups and interventions that we run is dependent upon the needs of the child and the class.

Some children may work with adults on a one to one basis, as and when the need arises.    If children need extra support then we may involve agencies such as BLIS (Behaviour Support), CLASS (Language and Communication), SALT (Speech and Language). We may also use the Educational Psychologist to assist with assessments of children.

As part of our support for all children in school, we have regular opportunities to consult with support services and health services through a multi-agency approach.  Sometimes we complete a CAF (Common Assessment Framework) to help support the family as well as the child.

We ensure that all CPD is up to date and relevant. The SENCo is studying for the NASENCO award and is delivering INSET to staff from this course, to ensure continuing professional development for all children.

Mr Noone and Mrs Mager review the progress of all children on a half-termly basis.  This way we know what provision is needed, in which classes and when.


Annual Reviews:

Special educational needs in school is changing. We currently use IEPs (Individual Education Plans) to set targets and strategies, and as a way of reporting to parents.  If your child has more complex needs then we may apply for a ‘Statement’.  Tameside Authority will be involved in this process and it can take a very long time. However, ‘Statements’ are changing.

From September 2014, all children and young people from age 0-25, who have significant special educational needs will undergo an Education Health and Care (EHC) Assessment.  This will lead to an EHC Plan, instead of a ‘Statement.’

If you would like more information about this, then please contact Mrs Mager, who will talk it through with you.


Keeping Children Safe:

We ensure that risk assessments are completed before all off site trips and within the school grounds.  We ensure the children are kept safe and within the legal ratios for adult:child supervision.  Children are encouraged to speak to any member of staff about any concerns for child welfare that they may have.



 In school, Mrs Nathaniel can help if your child is on any medication. We also ensure that the children’s eyes and ears are tested in EYFS. We work closely with the School Nurse, as and when the need arises.

Communication With Parents:

We communicate effectively with parents through Parent’s Evening (which is twice a year) and also by inviting parents in informally.  St Christopher’s school and parish hold many events so we all see each other regularly. We update our website regularly so you can learn things about us from here. Parents are encouraged to track their child’s progress through our online tracking program, ‘Pupil Tracker’, and if you have any questions then you can come and talk to us about them.

Working Together:

At St Christopher’s we have recently started a PTA, have a fantastic School Council and strong links with the parish too.

What Help And Support Is Available For The Family?

We are here to help you with paperwork, letters, forms, advice, or anything else you may need.  Everybody’s needs differ.  We have recently hosted a Parent Workshop with CLASS (Language and Communication) and the parents have really enjoyed meeting together and discussing their experiences. This is something we are keen to continue with.

Transition To High School:

When testing, especially in Year 6, we support children with needs by ensuring that access arrangements are in place. E.g. by using a reader, being in a smaller room, working with a known adult and rest breaks. We work very closely with our feeder school, St Damian’s RC High School, and have strong links. The Yr 6 teacher meets with the Head of Yr 7, both Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCos), meet and discuss children and families.  We plan extra transition days, if they are needed and ensure that all information is passed on to ensure a smooth transition.



Extra-Curricular Activities:

We have lots going on after school for the children:





-Coding club


-Irish Dancing



-And many more!

All of our clubs have a high attendance and we take part in lots of competitions and festivals. 

We also have a ‘before and after’ school care club run by Mrs Quigley and Mr Barret (who are also part of our lunchtime team). We open at 7.45 a.m. and close at 5.30 p.m.


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Mager.