St Christopher’s Nursery and Primary RC School

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Our Vision: A happy family that learns to put others first and cares for all.Our Vision: Children are motivated, resilient and challenged.Our Vision: Opportunities to discover the god given talents they have. Our Vision: A school that delivers an exciting and balanced curriculum.Our Vision: Everybody works as a team and are not scared to fail.Our Vision: Children know their strengths and development points through effective feedback.Our Vision: A school that delivers an exciting and balanced curriculum. Our Vision: Opportunities to discover the God given talents they have.Our vision: Opportunities to discover the god given talents they have. Our Vision: Children aren’t scared to fail and achieve the highest standards through hard work.Our Vision: A faith that teaches the children to aspire to be more, not to have more.

Busy Bees Care Club


                Busy Bee's Care Club                                                                                                                          Healthy Eating
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At the Busy Bees after school club we welcome children of all ages, from Nursery all the way through to Year Six. We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding setting where your child can join us in the morning between 7.50 - 8.50 and in the afternoon between 3.15 - 5.15 (Monday –Thursday) 3.15 – 4.15 (Friday).
At the morning session we provide breakfast, if required, and a nice welcoming atmosphere to prepare your child for the academic day ahead.
At the afternoon session we provide a healthy snack and we have lots of activities going on to keep your child happy for either a one or two hour session. We charge a very reasonable fee for this service which, at the moment, is £4.00 per hourly session. All you need to do to book your child into Busy Bees Care Club is to fill out a booking form, along with a simple registration form which provides us with your child’s dietary and/or medical requirements, as well as your contact details.
We provide a first class service for both you and your child, with Mrs Barbara Quigley as the Club Manager and Mr Trevor Barrett, Club Assistant,  who is also the dedicated First Aider. We operate an open door policy, so please feel free to drop in and take a look, you are always very welcome.
Telephone Number : 01613305880 (during opening hours only please)
Mrs Barbara Quigley and Mr Trevor Barrett.